Mar 1, 2011

Philippine Ambassador Willie Gaa receives Humanitarian Award from Asia America Initiative

On February 24, 2011 at the Philippine Embassy to the United States, outgoing Philippine Ambassador the Hon. Willie Gaa received a Certificate of Honor from the non-governmental organization Asia-America Initiative for outstanding Humanitarian Achievements during his diplomatic service in Washington

Between 2008 and 2011, Ambassador Gaa and the Philippine Embassy consular and military attaché office partnered with Asia-America Initiative to provide more than 50 million dollars of humanitarian medical and educational supplies which directly improved or saved the lives of more than 1.5 million indigent children in areas of severe poverty and armed conflict. Programs included emergency relief for refugees displaced by terrorism and war, victims of floods and other natural disasters, cancer victims and others suffering from rare diseases, health and nutritional support, clean water and a unique Gardens of Peace program as a form of conflict prevention.

Asia-America Initiative President Albert Santoli and Board Member Ms. Bing Cardenas Branigin presented the award to Ambassador Gaa. “The relationship between AAI and Ambassador Gaa and his staff, representing the Philippine government and people, demonstrates the highly effective service that can result from a partnership between non-profit organizations and altruistic public servants, “Mr. Santoli stated. “We will miss Ambassador Gaa’s presence in Washington, but will always consider him and his staff to be close friends and exemplary professional partners who helped make a difference by improving countless lives. We will always be grateful.”

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