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AAI uses cost-effective models to obtain sustainable results. To contribute, please use the Paypal option on the AAI homepage, or find us at or UniversalGiving.

Asia America Initiative is a 501c3 nonprofit supported solely through private contributions.
We do not receive government funding.
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"If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart"
~Muslim Proverb
Adopt a Classroom
  • The Adopt a Classroom project is focused in Muslim Mindanao. According to the UN, it is one of the world's most impoverished regions. AAI firmly believes that education is the key to peace and development
  • $15  can purchase a classroom chair
  • $20 can provide a child with a year's worth of necessary school supplies
  • $40 can support an elementary school child with required textbooks
 Refugee and Medical Relief
  •  Due to continuous armed conflict in Mindanao, many families in the region are displaced and in dire need of basic necessities. AAI initiated an emergency relief program that provides basic necessities for these displaced families in refugee camps and war-town communities
  • $5 can provide 3 meals a day for a family with 3-4 children
  • $20 can provide basic medicine for a family in a refugee camp
Cancer Treatment for the Poor
  • The Cancer Treatment for the Poor program is the first of its kind in Asia. Medicines are provided by international partners for those who otherwise would have no access to it
  • $100 can cover medical treatments for an indigent cancer patient for 6 months
  • $1000 can cover shipping costs of expensive cancer medicine that would treat 50 patients for 3 months
Football for Peace and Hope
  • AAI is partnering with Philippine Football Federation and Philippine Art Central to introduce football (soccer) as a way of bringing Christian and Muslim communities together in Mindanao war zones through fun and peaceful means
  • $2 can purchase a football for a team
  • $8 can cover one set of football uniforms, including shoes
  • $100 can equip a team of 11 playes
Gardens of Peace and Fruits of Hope
  •  These are two AAI programs that utilize agriculture as a traditional means for economic prosperity to build hope and secure peace in areas of armed conflicts
  • $20 can purchase enough vegetables, fruits, and flower seeds for an elementary school classroom
  • $100 can purchase enough vegetables, fruits, and flower seeds for a family of 10 for an entire season
  • $500 can purchase enough farming tools for a cooperative of 10 families or an entire elementary school
"If you can't feed one hundred people, then just feed one." ~Mother Teresa