Mar 27, 2008

AAI videos and its peace-fostering works in the Philippines

This video (sorry, it is in Filipino language...but it has English subtitles), is made by Asia America Initiative (AAI), which depicts how a simple humor-based program like Fun Days can bring smiles and psychological relief to children's in the war-torn region of Sulu, Philippines. AAI credited for deterring terrorism and fostering peace through its selective intervention in education, health care, and livelihood building programs in Sulu, Mindanao, Philippines. Fortunately, this semester I am interning at the AAI headquarter in D.C.

Good news: You don't need think stack of greenbacks to make a difference in the lives of people. By just donating just over $1 cash or in-kind stuff, you can make a difference to generate livelihood and to foster peace in the war-torn regions of the world. Donate right here:

Ways you can help:

  1. Sponsor a girl to go to a public school
  2. Provide classroom chairs for 5 students
  3. Support and sustain the monthly work of 4 rural midwives
  4. Provide musical instruments to promote Peace
  5. Buy a chair for one student in Philippine war zone
  6. Provide medicines and health support in Philippines
  7. Building Peace: One Child at a Time
  8. Toys for Children Victims of War
  9. Help Feed a Child Victim of War
  10. Medical assistance to children in Philippines
  11. Art supplies for 1st grade class in Philippine war zone
  12. Paint a classroom in Philippine peace zone
  13. Provide food and water to a refugee family
  14. Provide clean water and sanitation for an elementary school
  15. Kiddie Corner: Put a smile on a refugee child's face