Nov 23, 2009

Last AAI scholar can finish her second to last semester! Almost there!

Thanks to an outpouring of assistance from AAI supporters, we have gathered enough funds for Ms. Henelize Ancheta to stay in school for her second to last semester at Notre Dame University-Jolo!

However, we still need $600 for her to finish her last year of college and for her to take her tests to become a certified nurse. We would like to call for your help once more to help Henelize fulfill her dreams and lift her family out of poverty. She is the last of the AAI Community College Scholars to graduate, and we need your support to ensure the completion of a successful program, so that we can send a new batch of deserving but underprivileged students to a higher education. The youth are the future of this community, and without their prosperity we cannot hope to elevate Mindanao from its status as one of the least developed areas of Southeast Asia.

Please help Henelize and click the Donate button below. We remain truly grateful for all of your support.