Nov 8, 2010

We Need Your Help!
Asia America Initiative is helping 2 million Typhoon Victims

Ongoing rainfall has worsened the suffering of some 2 million displaced persons created by an earlier typhoon the Philippines. They are largely invisible to the world and suffer in silence. Relief is in short supply as multiple natural disasters have struck across the globe. Roads and bridges are washed out, leaving myriad communities isolated. Rock and mud slides have destroyed entire communities that have come isolated. AAI is partnering with brave relief and rescue teams of the Philippine Army, local NGOs and village and mountainous province officials who have run short on medical, food and shelter supplies. AAI is distributing more than a half-million water purification sachets, one ton of medicines and a 40ft container of hospital supplies that arrives on November 8. We need your help in funding these shipments and to purchase more emergency supplies!

Click Here to donate to typhoon relief in the Philippines NOW through Universal Giving

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