Aug 6, 2009

A Letter of Thanks

Asia America Initiatives

Dear Brother Albert:

Ist of all, in be half of our established ground community organizations and network organization, we would like to acknowledged with thanks and gratitude your recent visit and very fruitful visit to our people who are in dire needs of attentions specially the victims of war in the areas of Central Mindanao.

The main trust of Minsupala Development of Foundation as I lead it for more than 10 years ago is the development of community based organizations and alliances of different organizations to address commonality the problems which our people have severly suffering, like the bad effects of war and climate changes.

Your recent visit to us is very valueable and fruitful and it could never be forgotten. The joy of our needy people in the evacuation areas as we visited them is very hard to be given meaning except hopes are still available for them since we ground workers are not taking the rest to serve them.

As I wrote this message, I hope your enthusiastic support will consider in the future to fund a projects activities which I believed will serve a very commemorative legacy while you still have the intention to visit our community in some other times or other days, such as:

1. Establishment of Basketball Court to be build in Barangay Talitay which is also an area where more than ten thousand displaced people by war are accomodated. This basketball court will serve numbers of youths who are also an evacues treated in the area;

2. Some financial suppport for the development of human resources, specially skills training for ground health workers whom we can deploy to different evacuations areas to feed the needy and very pity people. I understand like this activity is a mother of all kind of activities because the success of every project depending on the quality of knowledge and skills we established.

Thank you and may God bless you always.

Your brother in faith,

Yusoph I. MUHAMMAD (Datu Oskie)
Director, Minsupala Development Foundation
Mobile # 09196066131

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