Feb 23, 2009

Dinner and Donuts at UCDC Center

Asia America Initiative organized a fundraiser on February 18 at UCDC center that houses over 300 students from all campuses of University of California. Various kinds of food, ranging from Chinese, Thai to Middle Eastern, were provided at a very low price. To finish it off, delicious Dunkin' Donuts and beverages were also served. It was surprising to me that we were able to get most of the food 100% donated. Once we explained to the owners of the restaurants about our organization, they were very willing to help our programs abroad. I have to say that the fundraiser was a big hit at the center. Students enjoyed our yummy food in an informal setting, where they socialized with other students. Even professors and staff came out to support us by giving us donations. It turned out to be a really fun activity for all of us. We took advantage of this great opportunity to publicize our organization's mission and programs in South East Asian nations. We were able to raise more than $300 and all of the proceeds will go directly to Community Services Scholarships, which are provided to students in conflict-plagued communities with extreme poverty and terrorism. The money will be distributed among students from Mindanao State University, Sulu State University and Notre Dame University.

Overall, the event was a great success and the result that came out really exeeded our expectations. We are considering to hold another fundraiser at the center soon, probably in the next couple of weeks. We will provide donuts and coffee. What's a better way to start off your day than donuts and coffee in the morning? We are in a process of securing a date for this event. I will post pictures from our fundraiser event once I receive them from my co-intern. So stay tuned u guys.

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