Apr 9, 2008

Short and Sweet Video

Hola everyone! It's Mindy again, Jen (fab intern#2) and Hanayo (fab intern#3) seem to be pretty shy about blogging on here. I'm slowly teasing them out of their shell, they'll be blogging and talking about all kinds of stuff in no time!

So I've put together a video using field footage from our DPIS (Development for Peace in Sulu) initiative in 2005 and 2006. Sulu province is the circled area in the southern tip of the Philippines. See map:

Basically, Sulu has experienced years of conflict between Muslim insurgent groups– Abu Sayyaf Group and the Moro National Liberation Front– and government troops. Consequently, it left Sulu severely underdeveloped with their educational system in shambles. 

So since 2002, Asia America Initiative has attempted to revitalize the educational system in Sulu through:
  • Providing educational equipment and supplies to a dozen "model" public schools
  • Training teachers and school administrators
  • Providing learning and information technology, such as computers and educational television
  • Initiating programs such as the "Adopt-a-Classroom," which links individuals from other parts of the Philippines and the U.S. to contribute educational materials
Well, here's the video:

Click here for more information on Asia America Initiative and our DPIS project.

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